“Cathy Hutch is everything that is good about live music. She is charming, witty, multi-talented and has a smile that would light the way out of a bar during a power failure. With or without accompaniment Cathy is every bit a professional entertainer. Her cover treatment of “name” artists from Pat Benatar to Patsy Cline gives any stage she inhabits a hall-of-fame vibe. As a songwriter, Cathy exhibits insights into the human condition that show her to have a heart as big as her voice. And man can she liven up a crowd! She rocks, she rolls and, above all, she entertains." Richard Blaquiere


"A wide range of ability and strong artistry:- Valhalla Music

"Hutch takes the listener to corridors closed behind speak-easy passwords and hidden desires…...So good. So good"-Lori Reynolds

"I absolutely fell in love with the tone of this album; an awesome slice of audio gold". Mindy McCall

"Hutch is a premiere talent and worth recommending." Music Existence

"Amazingly articulate and haunting songwriting." MobAngeles

"Free Wheelin' is one of 2018's finest offerings to date." Sebastian Cole

"Our pick of the week and nomination for Album of the Year." Indie Shark

"American audiences are starting to fall head over heels for this Canadian entertainer." The Indie Source

"Astonishingly innovative sound." Neufuture Magazine

"One killer blues/rock artist with the skills and experience to own it." Razorfish

"A phenomenally gifted singer and songwriter." IMAAI

"Thrilling melodies...infectious and memorable." Skope Magazine

"Catchy lyrics and she has a masterful command of the guitar." Gashouse Radio

"She's loaded with skills and knows how to use them; very noteworthy." Indie Music Reviews

"Free Wheelin' is one of the best CDs 2018 has to offer so far." BandBlurb

"Gives us so many flavours and accents to appreciate that it leaves us eager for more." Indie Band Guru

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